Monday, July 21

I Want (To Control) My MTV!

MTV has recently announced that this year they will be totally lazy and will not choose nominees for the VMAs, which will be given out on September 7.

This means you have to do it for them. But hey, there are worse things you could be responsible for.

To avoid a voting shitshow, MTV has been clever enough to limit the voting to two categories a week, from now until August 13, starting with Best Male/Female Video. The process will work much the way my high school chooses each year's homecoming queen: The kids get to pick who rides on the float, but the final decision is made by those older and "smarter" than us. In other words, the top five nominees in each category will be selected by the masses, and from those finalists, industry professionals will pick a winner.

Except, that is, for Best New Artist; they can never take that from us. So if you don't want it to be the Jonas Brothers, I suggest you go here and vote now.

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