Friday, December 19

The Baby-Daddy's Baby

So, Levi Johnston's mom has been bad. But amid news of her arrest for running a drug store out of her house, a more exciting point has been brought to our attention: Bristol's due to pop tomorrow!

Yes, December 20 is the due date for Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston's darling illegitimate child. (Although, disclaimer, I think the illegit part is a good thing. Just say no to high school marriage. I hope you're listening, Brenda Hampton and ABC Family.) The impending birth of the little repub raises a major question, however.

What could Bristol, sister of Piper, Willow, Track, and Trig, come up with that would top the naming skills displayed by her classy and traditional mother Sarah? Below, my top 5 guesses for what the newest Palin will answer too, going on my gut assumption that Bristol's having a boy:

5. Govner (After all, this was an important year in politics for the fam. But they'll switch up the spelling of governor 'cause that's what "celebrities" do.)

4. Hunter (Sums up daddy's greatest goal for his boy, and is actually a normal name climbing in popularity!)

3. Thunder (Palins favor nature names beginning in T.)

And my top two:

2. Polar

1. Rifle

Thoughts, anyone? Ideas welcome!

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