Sunday, December 28

Math Is Fun . . . When It Comes To Palin Parentage!

While scanning headlines to see if Miss Bristol has yet given birth--and thereby seeing if one of my five picks was right--I came across this interesting piece, written on Decemeber 23, three days after Bristol was due. While I disagree with the writers' possible baby names (I mean, Hrug, let's be serious) the whole point of their post is quite captivating. Basically it brings up the old familiar Who is Trig's mom question, but with a new urgency.

Because, essentially, if Bristol's child is born is January, then the Palins' official timeline does not check out, making it physically possible that Bristol is in fact the birth mother of Trig, born in mid-April.

While I'm assuming that most babies are not born on their due dates--because it would be kind of crazy if we could literally predict the day everyone is born--let's not forget that it is December 28 already . . . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sienna Miller, who turns 27 today. May she have a lovely birthday and keep her shirt on in at least one film in 2009, namely G.I. Joe.

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