Monday, January 12

Vanessa Hudgens To Get Naked In "New Moon"

Well, technically, at least, if she is awarded the role she has recently auditioned for! Vaness, who is famous for her role as Gabriela in High School Musical, along with being an internet porn star via some leaked nekkid pics, is vying for the role of Leah, the sole female werewolf in Jacob Black's posse. (Werewolves don't wear clothes.)

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice and apparently likes to drink and talk, told some fools all about it at a Golden Globes party last night, though Vanessa's reps will not confirm it.

This news doesn't infuriate me! It's so ridic that I might actually like it. Now let's just pray that neither Nessie ends up CGI!

New Moon is slated to come out a year from Twilight's release, on November 20, 2009.

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