Tuesday, March 10

Weird, Weird Miley News

I think Crazy Miley just won herself two brownie points! 1.) She drives a Prius, and 2.) She is totally nice to the paparazzi! Love when she asks where her usual pap stalker is.

I'm ignoring the fact that she's parked in the handicapped spot. Miley is full of class, as the picture at left suggests.

Also, I really wish we had Millions of Milkshakes in New York. Or maybe I don't since I don't have a pers trainer like Mi-Mi.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Olivia Wilde, that girl who made out with Marissa Cooper on The O.C., is 25 today. I'm thinking she should be in Canada right now filming New Moon instead of the glory that is Nikki Reed.

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