Monday, August 18

Save The '90s Stars. Save The World.

Yes, the producers of Heroes have cast Breckin Meyer and Seth Green to star in multiple episodes of the everyday-superhero super-popular show come fall. Yes, they will play a comic-book-loving tag-team, which reportedly is not too far off from real life. Yes, this news is incred and might make me care about saving the cheerleader, etc.

And no, sentences like this are not okay! "Breckin Meyer is probably best known for his role as Jon, opposite Jennifer Love-Hewitt, in the recent Garfield movies . . . Green has starred as Scott Evil in the Austin Powers series and had roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, That 70s Show and as the voice of Chris on Family Guy."

Okay, I will give this Heroes dude the Seth Green bio—he got Buffy (which apparently a lot of fools watched) and Family Guy and made his resume look quite a bit more thorough than I realized it was. But what he failed to mention was . . . both these guys were teen-movie underdog kings in the late '90s! It's as if Heroes principal Ali Larter never wore a whipped-cream bikini in 1999.

I thought this news was fantastic when I heard it. And you know why? Because "Denise Fleming is a tampon" and because of "the wonderful crew at McDonald's who spend hours making those egg McMuffins without which I might never be tardy."

Before the aforementioned roles, Seth Green and Breckin Meyer had already solidified their places at Teen Movie High by starring in two of the best high school movies of the decade: Green as the wannabe ghetto goggle-wearing Kenny Fisher in Can't Hardly Wait (see above), and Meyer as Travis Birkenstock, the good-hearted pothead skater in Clueless. Both roles surely get an award placed in the genre's lovable-slacker trophy case.

It's strange that these projects were overlooked in almost every casting announcement, particularly Clueless. Has not enough time passed for them to become retro-cool like the Brat Pack movies? Maybe it's just because TV shows watched on iPhones are currently more relevant?

At any rate, Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait and Breckin Meyer in Cluelessthis is why this news is incred! I mean, Garfield? Really? Why you gotta be wastin' their flava?

SOUNDTRACK: "Dammit" by Blink 182 or "Inside Out" by Eve 6.

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Anonymous said...

i heart seth green. loved him on buffy... and still watch cant hardly wait on my nast-ass VHS. awesome soundtrack. looking forward to heroes... despite the innapprope 18 & 30 year old relationship. gross.