Friday, August 22

Web Treats: "O-BAMA!"

It's Friday, the biggest slacking day of the week. And the second-to-last Summer Friday for those of us fortunate enough to work at a company with people more fortunate than us, who have Hamptons houses and need to leave early on weekends.

Here's some web stuff to entertain y'all:

Oh, this is why Republicans think Obama is too big a celebrity. A refresher course in the Obama Girl, who will evidently be all up in the DNC. "You went to border security . . . let's break this border between you and me . . . "

And listen to the first minute of this for an interesting review of her work.

Passive-aggressives vs. annoyings:


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Anonymous said... got my through my friday afternoon-- amazing find!! remember that one you posted in the 1111 laundry room? LOVES IT!