Tuesday, August 19

You Make Me Wanna . . .

. . . help elect a president.

Usher and his peeps (the New Look Foundation) have come up with a sweet idea for the upcoming election. While kids under 18 clearly can't vote, the outcome of the event will obviously effect them quite a bit as they come of age. A pretty bad president was elected when I was 18, and I'm willing to bet my generation would be better off now had someone else been voted in.

So here's what's gonna happen: If kids can't register to vote, they're gonna register voters.

Starting August 21, Usher's "I Can't But You Can" campaign will visit at least seven American cities, beginning in Detroit and including Cleveland, in critical swing state Ohio. Other cities include New Orleans, Boston, New York, L.A., and the singer's hometown of Atlanta, where last month 350 teens registered a thousand voters during the project's test-run.

It also doesn't hurt that the people running the sign-up booths know what they're talking about—the volunteers, all 17 and under, have to complete a 4-hour curriculum course prior to participating, making them likely much more educated on the subject of, say, the electoral college, than most people, who struggle to remember a fleeting mention of it at some point in high school history classes.

Hopefully, as the election nears, more American cities will jump on this. After all, it's a win-win: They get people registered without having to do any of the admin work themselves, and more of their residents vote.

Let's hope they're all 'crats.

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