Monday, February 16

Comment of the Day

Found this on a story regarding the Rihanna/Chris Brown situation. The article was from a British site (read: sarcastic and sensational) and basically just noted that Chris was asking God to help make him a better person and that his public statements seem to be getting close to a confession.

Well, once you bring God into it, naturally comments take on a life of their own and people stop worrying about Rihanna and focus more on pushing their own Crazy Christian, atheist and everything in between agendas. I think the most recent commentor (at the time of my discovery) got it right, all while referencing 20 years of pop culture. Congrats! His insight?

"This story has attracted more retards than Twilight and NKOTB combined."

Damn can those Brits summarize.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To the beautiful Agyness Deyn, who turns 26 today. Pretty sweet for a supermodel!

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