Tuesday, February 10

A Note On Doing Drugs

PEOPLE (like Kellogg's and Guitar Hero fools): Michael Phelps smoka'd da weed at a party after about 20 years of swim practice. 

A. Rod used an illegal substance to cheat at his profession and as a result made millions and millions. 

Phelps equals: Every college kid in America. Hell, if he had rolled up to Massachusetts for a bong hit, all he would've gotten is a fine!

A. Rod equals: Bernie Madoff.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Elizabeth Banks, 35, even though she "tastes like a burger" (where's that from?) and Emma Roberts, who turns 18 today. I'm sure dudes are happy. 

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Sarah B.S. said...

Clearly, I know where that quote is from. I wrote it in my gournal. I write my thoughts in it every day.