Thursday, February 5

Etta James Goes All Preacher Manning on Beyonce

Wow . . . Etta James seems kinda mean! At a concert this week, the legendary singer hinted at her audience that she wasn't a fan of Miss Single Ladies.

Okay, she didn't hint. She said she can't stand Beyonce and plans to "whoop her ass." She also called out Barry and said he's not her president!

Apparently Etta was pissed off that Beyonce sang "At Last" at the Neighborhood Inauguration Ball and not her. But here's the thing: Etta is 71! She was invited to the ball and couldn't even attend due to health reasons. Sad times. Def on Team Beyonce for this one.

HERE'S A SOUND CLIP: Of Etta trashing Yonce-Yonce.

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Thom Yorke´s Bad Eye said...

Who knew Etta was such a bee-yotch? Maybe its just cause she is old and grumpy.