Tuesday, February 3

Asians Hate Miley

More adventures of the Smartest Starlet Ever.

Here's a super-classy pic of Miley Cyrus and her friends all intentionally making fun of Asians while intentionally posing for a photo which has, most likely, intentionally been leaked online.

Naturally, Asian peeps are mad! A group dedicated to "advancing the social and political well-being of Asian-Pacific Americans" told TMZ that "Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph [have] encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent" and "insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans." They also noted that the Asian guy in the pic doesn't make it cool.

She supposedly calls this character Hanoi Montana, which is seriously out of control if true.

I mean, really. Just take bong hits and eat Cheetos barefoot! It's worked for your predecessors. Or if you must, do something subtle like flash a peace sign and see if people read into it. And, while we're being obnoxious, is it my imagination, or is Hanoi actually prettier than Miley?

FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION: Anyone else see the dude making fun of Native Americans?

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Sarah B.S. said...

It is so crazy that people make fun of Asians. Right Marisa and Jenni.....LOL